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Snag Bar Status: WORKING

by Amy Wong - Oct 01, 2011 Star_s373,607 views

Current Status: WORKING

This post shows the current status of the Snag Bar, which is updated regularly as problems occur. Please check this thread when you think your Snag Bar is not working.

4/1/14 @ 9:58 AM CDT: There are no known site-wide Snag Bar issues at this time. However, make sure to check the Additional Known Issues section below as it contains known computer/browser issues that some people have experienced.


Additional Known Issues

  • Occasionally, one or more Facebook friends may "disappear" from the Snag Bar.
    By this we mean that the Snag Bar simply won't be able to see that person in your News Feed. At this time, we believe this is a Facebook glitch. We have looked through our code several times in an attempt to explain this glitch but have not found anything. Whatever the cause, this glitch usually resolves itself after a few days and the missing friend(s) will become snaggable again.
  • Sometimes Chrome will remove the Snag Bar from the browser.
    1) Check the browser's Extensions page (type "chrome://extensions" in the address bar) and make sure the Snag Bar is enabled. If there is no listing, or if enabling it doesn't fix it, then go to your computer's Add/Remove Programs page and click on the GU! listing to fully uninstall it from your computer. Once you have done that, you can reinstall the Snag Bar.
    2) If this continues to happen, then your Chrome's user data has likely become corrupted. Click here to be taken to a Google Support page that contains instructions on how to fix this. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide any additional support on this issue unless and until you have created a new User Data file.
  • My Snag Bar keeps losing my Toolbar Preferences game settings.
    This issue is especially prevelant with the Chrome Snag Bar, where we were forced by Google to store the Toolbar Preferences options on an individual's computer instead of on our servers. As a result, every time a member clears out Chrome's cookies, their Toolbar Preferences settings will revert back to default. You can manually store your Snag Bar game settings to our server by clicking the "Preferences not stored?" link on your Toolbar Preferences page (works on all browsers). Should your Toolbar Preferences page get reset back to default, you can then click that same link to load your game settings back into your browser. You can also use this feature to port your game settings from one browser to another or from one computer to another (same GU! member only).


Additional Information

Useful Links



The Snag Bar currently works on the following browsers:

  • PC: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome
  • MAC: Firefox

Our framework provider is reportedly working on a version for the Safari browser for MAC computers. As far as we know, they currently have no plans to release versions for any other browser.


Uninstall the Snag Bar

  • Internet Explorer: Tools --> Manage add-ons --> disable & delete Gamers Unite! Snag Bar
  • Firefox: Firefox --> Add-ons --> Extensions --> disable & delete Gamers Unite! Snag Bar
  • Chrome: Customize and control Google Chrome --> Settings --> Extensions --> disable & delete Gamers Unite! Snag Bar
  • IE, FF & Chrome: Also uninstall Gamers Unite! Snag Bar form the Add/Remove Programs page in your computer's Control Panel


App, Flash, and Browser Cleaning

From time to time, your computer, your browser, Facebook, or the Snag Bar may simply start misbehaving for no good reason. Something, somewhere, just stops working like it is suppose to, and no amount of screaming, yelling, or hitting your computer screen will fix it.

There could be any number of reasons why this happens, far too many to get into. Sometimes, the only thing to do is clean out some of the cobwebs, uninstall a few things, and/or update a few things. It's a hassle, yes, but you would be surprised how often this can work.

The steps below will help you do all that. If you are experiencing a problem with the Snag Bar not responding like it should, the below steps should be the first thing you do. Complete them in the order given and exactly as written. Do not take any shortcuts or skip any steps, as it's possible that the one shortcut you take or step you skip is the one that would have helped you.

  1. Delete the GU! App from your Facebook Profile (
  2. Log out of Facebook (do this on every browser installed on your computer)
  3. Visit Gamers Unite! (, look in the top right corner of the page, and make sure you are logged out (do this on every browser installed on your computer)
  4. Uninstall the GU! Snag Bar ( - do this for every browser the Snag Bar is installed on)
  5. Clear Flash Player cache ( - "Delete All Sites")
  6. Clear your browser's cache (do this for every browser installed on your computer)
  7. Reboot your computer
  8. Open your browser (pick one browser)
  9. If using Chrome, make sure you have the latest version installed (select “About Google Chrome” in the browser or type chrome://chrome in the URL bar)
  10. If using Firefox, make sure you have the latest version installed (select “Firefox” --> “Help” --> “About Firefox” --> “Check for Updates”)
  11. If using IE or FF, make sure your Flash Player is updated: (does not apply to Chrome)
  12. If using IE or FF, make sure your Shockwave Player is updated: (does not apply to Chrome)
  13. Log back into Facebook
  14. Reinstall the GU! App ( - blue "Connect with Facebook" button on top right of page)
  15. Reinstall the Snag Bar ( - "Get the Snag Bar” link on top left of page)
  16. Set your preferences on the Toolbar Preferences page (
  17. Close & reopen your browser
  18. Test out the Snag Bar


Reporting an issue

If you come across any bugs regarding our Snag Bar, please let us know by leaving a comment on this thread. We will do our best to help you with them.

BEFORE POSTING, make sure to read all sections in this post as well as any stickied comments found at the top of the comments section. Information about how the Snag Bar works, as well as known issues and/or possible solutions, has been posted in these areas. As such, your question or issue may have already been addressed.

In addition, ALL QUESTIONS IN THE HIGHLIGHTED SECTION BELOW MUST BE ANSWERED when seeking Snag Bar support from us. While it may seem like there are too many questions or that they are not needed, these questions are the only way we have to "see" what is happening on your computer. This is especially true when the problem you are experiencing is not a site-wide problem and cannot be recreated by the Gamers Unite! Staff, as is the case with over 95% of the issues reported to us.

FAILURE TO READ THIS POST AND ALL STICKIED COMMENTS BEFORE POSTING, and/or failing to answer all questions in the highlighted section below, may result in your post being deleted or ignored.

NOTE: This thread is for reporting issues with our SNAG BAR ONLY! Posting of issues regarding any other Gamers Unite! tool, or asking any question not specifically related to our Snag Bar, WILL BE DELETED.

Your description should include (at a minimum):

  1. Your browser name and version number
  2. Your computer's operating system
  3. What Anti-virus and/or Anti-malware programs you use
  4. The game or games you are trying to snag for
  5. When the problem started
  6. Whether you have had any problems accessing your Facebook Profile
  7. If you have recently installed / uninstalled / updated any programs on your computer
  8. If the problem occurs on other computers (if applicable)
  9. Do you have a second Facebook account
  10. Does anyone else use the same computer to access their Facebook account
  11. Does the problem occur on other Facebook accounts you or your family have (if applicable)
  12. Whether the problem occurs when using a different browser
  13. Whether the problem occurs constantly or randomly
  14. What steps have you taken to try and solve this problem (be specific)
  15. Whether anything changed after taking those steps and, if so, exactly what changed
  16. A step-by-step detailed description of what is happening from the moment you hit "Snag" (or open your browser if you can’t get that far)
  17. A screenshot of the problem
  18. Any other information that might be relevant to this problem

Please leave a clear, well-written, well-punctuated, and detailed description of your issue. If we cannot read or understand what you have written, or if you do not include enough information about your problem, then we may be unable to help.


Troubleshooting Wizard / Screensharing

While we will do our best to help you, it is possible that we may hit a dead end and not know how to proceed. If that happens, you may be asked to screenshare with us. This is where you will download a program that will allow us to connect with your computer so we can attempt to diagnose the issue.

If we ask to screenshare with you and you are willing, please visit our Troubleshooting Wizard. This page will ask you a few questions to ensure that nothing has been missed. If the problem still exists, you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to prepare to screenshare with us. Once you are ready to screenshare, post in this thread that you are ready and we will attempt to get an Admin to connect with you.

Because there are only a couple of people on the Gamers Unite! Staff who can screenshare, this is an option of last resort. Submitting a screenshare request without first attempting to get help in this thread may result in your request being ignored. In addition, there may be times where screensharing is not warranted even if we have run out of thoughts and options on what may be causing your issue.

Please note that if you are asked to screenshare but choose not to do so, then we will be unable to provide any additional Snag Bar support for you.

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Cristina Demma-Causi - Oct 19, 2011

i've been having the issue with the triangle appearing in the snag bar for over 3 months ( on firefox) all i do is click reload toolbar and then hit snag again, i have to do it every time i try and snag its frustrating and i believe sometimes i don't receive everything butit seems to work. the nw issue is the box appearing asking about continuing because a script wants to open on the page?

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